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Lovell Recreation District, Community Education, and BOCES
P.O. Box 596
502 Hampshire Avenue
Lovell, WY 82431

Phone (307) 548-6466
Fax (307) 548-6474
Lovell Recreation District does not provide medical insurance to cover participants in any activity. This is the responsibility of each individual in any District program or activity.



































































 Our email address: 




(680 Bulldog Ave., Lovell)

Pool Calendar available on this LINK: 




Effective Immediately

the Pool is closed,

and will continue through

March 30 (M) - April 26 (Sun) for

Annual Cleaning & Maintenance



 Big Horn Co Sch Dist #2 BOCES

(Board of Cooperative Educational Services)

is offering scholarships for:

CNA Courses

Adult Education Books

Technical School or Career Scholarship

Graduating LHS Seniors Scholarship

To review an application for any of the above,

click on the link to a printable form.

Little League Tryouts




  March 21 (Sat) at 8:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Contacts: Jason Sumaya, Megan Wilson, Doug Arnold 

 T-Ball Sign ups start:  TBA

 Little League Sign ups start: TBA






 Gymnastics   CANCELLED (April ??)

Swim Fit     CANCELLED

  Boys Basketball (Gr 3-6)    CANCELLED

Girls Basketball (Gr 3-6)    CANCELLED

Spring Driver's Education  CANCELLED 

Summer Driver's Education  (June & July 2020)

Swim Lessons will be held in June & July of 2020

(must be potty trained and 3' tall)

 Girl's Basketball Camp (Gr 3-8)   

 Boy's Basketball Camp (Gr 3-8)

 Football Camp (Gr 3-6, Gr 7-8, Gr 9-12)

 Summer Gymnastic Camps (June & July)

 Volleyball Camp (Gr 3-6)

 Wresting Camp (Gr 3-6)


Summer Driver's Education

Mustang Days Volleyball

City League Softball (July-August)

Soccer (starts the last week of July)

Youth Volleyball, Gr 3-6    (Fall 2020)

Flag Football, Gr 3 & 4     (Fall 2020)

Tackle Football, Gr 5 & 6     (Fall 2020)

Pup Wrestling    Gr K - 6    (next year)

Adult Men's Basketball League   (again in 2021) 

 Women's Basketball League   (again in 2021)

 Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to a the program start date, online registration will be available. 





Classes are for ages 4 and above. 

 Classes are held on Tues. OR Wed. OR Thur.

 Placement in classes is by ability, not convenience.

 Cost is $25 per month (IF paid the first week of class

 to include the Early Bird Discount) 

Fees not paid the first week of each month are $30 per month.

Family Discounts are available for second, third etc child.




Classes are held year round. 

6:30 - 7:30 am on Tues, Wed, & Thur

Punch Passes are available ($30 for 10 visits)

 Wyo Game & Fish Dept


are offered in Northern Wyoming

You can register for any class on:


For the online classes, you have to scroll all the way down to the subheading titled "Internet Field Days". 

     Check out our  "Activities Calendar" 

tab (at the left) for current 

Recreation & Pool Schedule

We hope the majority of your questions can be answered here on this web site.  Want us to add something or looking for something specific?

  Let us know, or if you would like to give us feed-back on making the web site more user friendly, we welcome your comments.


 The Early Bird Discount of $5 is:

per participant, per program or monthly fee,

IF paid in full BY posted Registration

DUE DATE or First class of month, as listed. 

  The Lovell  Recreation Office 

is located in the Lovell Middle School.  

Office Hours are 
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. M T W Th

A "Consent to Participate & Release of Liability" Form must be filled out yearly for each family.

(Aug.1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2020)




Rental of the swimming pool and other school facilities for an event or activity are available, (dependent on calendar of use/availablitiy).   Please contact us at 548-6466, or you may download the "Facilities Use Request Form" listed on our "FORMS"  tab and mail in your request, after which we will contact you with approval and fees.





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